2019 The Shattering on Vinyl, Shows in September

Hello, we are playing some great shows September 10 - 14 for the release of "The Shattering" on 180-gram vinyl, remastered by Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room in 2019...Check out the TOUR link --->
Shows with Porcupine, BUMMER, and many others, in Iowa City, Minneapolis, Chicago and Kansas City...
We released the album on Bandcamp (digital and vinyl, or you may also stream for free) and on Spotify. Hope to see you soon, and more to come.


We are happy to announce we'll be opening for our rad friends DESCENDENTS! on Friday November 3, 2017 at the Uptown Theater, 3700 Broadway, KCMO. With Less Than Jake. 8pm


AUGUST 7, 2016

Rest in peace.

Hello. We have something for you.

Season to Risk

Friday the 13th, lucky, lucky

After 20 years, you'd think we'd stop. Cut our losses. But we won't quit while we're ahead. We enjoy each other's company and that of our friends and fans. A chance to get together and play always offers auspicious and undulating experience and we hope you will partake of our invigorated tentacles as we tour Nov/Dec 2009 to celebrate 20 years of mayhem and strangeness.

DIE KREUZEN tribute 2005

Season To Risk melted the opening track on a DIE KREUZEN tribute album, released Summer 2005.

DIE KREUZEN (pronounced dee-kroytzen) from Minneapolis, MN, were one of the most innovative and creative punk-metal bands of their time.

old board posts

Posted by sucka mc on 7/9/2003, 2:59 am
Didn't STR say they were not quiting but just taking sum time off? damn! Let em take an F-ing vacation! F!

S2R are the best band ever - Posted by esau skrrring... on 6/17/2003, 6:53 pm
Hello all...I'd just like to say thanks to the MEN OF S2R for all of their help, advice, inspiration, and most importantly music

in the eight or nine years since I first met them. They are indeed the single best band from Kansas City ever, in my humble opinion, and I'm quite sure many of us started bands after seeing/hearing/meeting S2R.

Season To Risk Interview

Interview conducted via e-mail on 05.1999 by Geoff at Slender Music.

Has Thick treated you well?

Steve Tulipana: It has been pretty good. They have been very supportive of whatever we want to do, musically and artistically