band members present and past

Steve Tulipana

Steve Tulipana
(vocals, guitar, synthesizer)
Founding Member: 1989- present
Bands: Roman Numerals, Pornhuskers, Unknown Pleasures, Drop A Grand

Duane Trower

Duane Trower
(main guitar, voice, synthesizer, recording engineer)
Founding Member: 1989- present
Bands: Ex-Acrobat, Quitters Club

David Silver

David Silver
(drums, synthesizer, oscillator, samples)
Member: 1994- present
Bands: AFUMA, Tripp Lullaby, SLM, Iron Rite Mangle, E.a.r.s.h.o.t.

Josh Newton

Josh Newton (bass, voice, synthesizer)
Member: 1995- present
Bands: Shiner, Sie Lieben Maschinen, Reggie and the Full Effect, Glazed Baby, Iron Rite Mangle, From Autumn To Ashes, ETID

Billy Smith

Billy Smith
(bass, voice, guitar, synthesizer)
Member: 2000- present
Bands: Dirtnap, Olympic Size, Unknown Pleasures, Roman Numerals

Wade Williamson

Wade Williamson
(guitar, keyboard)
Member: 2000- present
Bands: Starhaven Rounders, Olympic Size, The Stella Link

Paul Malinowski

Paul Malinowski (bass, voice, recording engineer)
Founding Member: 1989- 1995
Bands: Shiner

Jason Gerken

Jason Gerken (drums)
Member: 1994 (studio)
(In a Perfect World)
Bands: Shiner, Molly McGuire, Gunfighter

Live photos: JD Nilknarf

Other musicians who have played for a show, a week, a month or longer include:

  • Chris Metcalf of Stella Link, Life and Times (live drums 2003-2009)
  • Mike Meyers of Life and Times, The String and Return (live drums 2002)
  • Chris # Sharp (live bass 1999)
  • Chad Sabin of Libido Boys (live drums 1992 - 1994)
  • Tim Dow (live drums 1992, 1994)
  • Frank Garymartin of Pain Teens (live drums Sept 1994)
  • Peter Murray (drums 1991 - 1992)
  • Jerry Baten (live drums) 1990

Special Thanks to Stacy Slater and everyone at Talent House Agency, Hollywood, CA.Thanks to the sound engineers, tour managers, and other S2Rmy that travel and work with us: Martin Bisi, Bill Stevenson and ALL, Jason Livermore, DaveBomb, Greazy E, JoeyJoeJoe, Keith, Joelt Hamilton, Brian & Sgt. Kickass, Dave Curran, Sumo, T-roy, Capt. Kirk, Shawn, Hurricane KCMO (Desmond, Matt, Shawn and Mark), West End Studio, Abduction Studio, Blasting Room Studios, Karen Novak Photography