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Blood Ugly 1995
Directed by Chel White. Special thanks to Derek Hess (2min43s)


Dreamer (excerpt)
Directed by Steve Tulipana, Production by Jason Cantu, 1998 pre-show video (5min39s)


Black Ice - White Out January 1997 video, also known as 'Canon Flip' (9min)
We flipped our van, the Canon Kip, on a notoriously frozen stretch of Minnesota highway during a blizzard with 50 mph winds. We lived. After they flipped the van upright, the stereo suddenly worked again, after being broken for months. We toured in that van with its broken frame for another year before abandoning it in Kansas. Duane flew home from Minneapolis on that trip, and missed the flip. Maybe he saw it coming.


Jack Frost 1995 Directed by Blackball Films, Filmed live in Hollywood, CA (3min40s)
Our friends from the band Boy's Life were there in the audience, also on tour.
Dez Cadena and the bass player from Gov't Issue worked in the production crew. Director Renee Kayon had a large antique lightbulb collection.


Mine Eyes 1992 (3min21s)
A suitcase full of meat from the graveyard.


Snakes 1997 (3min26s) Filmed at the Hurricane in Kansas City, MO for Indie TV broadcast.