Season To Risk Interview

Submitted by s2r on Wed, 05/05/1999 - 00:41

Interview conducted via e-mail on 05.1999 by Geoff at Slender Music.

Has Thick treated you well?

Steve Tulipana: It has been pretty good. They have been very supportive of whatever we want to do, musically and artistically, Of course, there isn't as much money to be used in promotion so I do believe the record hasn't been noticed by as many people as we had hoped especially critically. I always find it pretty interesting to read the reviews both good and bad. But, there hasn't been very many for this album. I think it is awesome that Thick went out of their way to license the first 2 albums from Columbia.

I am pleased that you are all still making music. Has the road been tough? Have you ever considered hanging it up?

The road can be very tough and very discouraging. This Oct. We will have been together 10 years and sometimes you do think what am I doing this for? Will it ever get better? will more people get into us? I think we have kind of chosen to march to our own beat and keep trying to reinvent ourselves and enjoy making music that is a little more challenging to a listener. So it really is our own choice to stay on the level we are at and not compromise. Again that can be discouraging and we have lost a lot of members due to this. It is hard to tour the country and play to small crowds for very little money. Most people think wow, I am in a band and I am traveling I am a rockstar now. Well, that is just bullshit. What you really are is a dumbass who just happens to love music/your own music. You love to play, meet new people, see new things. That really is the reward.

How many van accidents during tours have you all been in?

Many...fell asleep at the wheel in Colorado actually not too bad of an accident but scared the shit out of us. Rear wheel broke off in Minnesota-- near death but again not too bad. Flipped her over in Iowa in a snow storm..Drove all the way back from Seattle with no brakes, manually down-shifting with vice grips to slow down. This took years off my life I swear.

Did Duane have any reasoning behind not using the SG on this last tour?

I think has been having electrical probs with it not to mention I think he just wants to show off his custom work on the YUGO.

What were you like in high school? Were you an outcast? Or in the crowd?

We were the outcasted in crowd.... Straight-edge skater types...Pretty be straight laced but along with every one pretty much...Just wanted to have fun really...Fighting and acting disaffected just seemed to take away from the fun...

What sort of effect did the whole Columbia Records situation have on the band's morale?

It was quite surreal. I mean we spent a lot of time in NY which I loved. We didn't have to work shit jobs for about 4 years, Met a lot of cool people, Met a lot of fake ass industry people. It gives a different perspective on the whole "it's a business" attitude...Morale-wise I think it drove Paul crazy and right out of the band. Duane and I just take it with a grain of was an experience that probably wasn't really ever supposed to happen.

How would you define success?

Contentment. Enjoying were you are at when you are there. I am not saying, hey I am a bum and that is all i will ever be so I don't work hard to get some where else. I just think you should have goals and enjoy each step in your advancement one step forward two back..It is a long life you know.

If you could be the star in any movie, who would you be?

I am and this movie is 30 years long so far...