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Posted by sucka mc on 7/9/2003, 2:59 am

"Didn't STR say they were not quiting but just taking sum time off? damn! Let em take an F-ing vacation! F!"


S2R are the best band ever - Posted by esau skrrring... on 6/17/2003, 6:53 pm Hello all...I'd just like to say thanks to the MEN OF S2R for all of their help, advice, inspiration, and most importantly music in the eight or nine years since I first met them. They are indeed the single best band from Kansas City ever, in my humble opinion, and I'm quite sure many of us started bands after seeing/hearing/meeting S2R.

mny moons ago Posted by damaged on 5/5/2003, 1:55 pm I was on holiday in Miami Beach a long long long time ago...I saw STR playing some shitty little club with The Buck pets (I think)...I thought they were really good, I spoke to the singer after, he gave me some of his vodka and we had a chat about that William Hurt film, the one about the peyote...I was told to put myself on the mailing list, but the lads who took my name just sneered at me and I just knew they'd toss my shit in the bin...I waited and waited for some news, but now after years and years I've given up!!! Have played the LP I bought loads of times, still do after all this time, made me get into Harry Crews and I still like to grumble 'Snakes, snaaaaakes' everytime I have a drink too far. Hope alls well, and the band have got some nicer people collecting fans names!!!

damn. Posted by jd on 4/12/2003, 7:26 am i am in shock and not awe. the march post seemed to have a tinge of hype for a new s2r project of some kind. granted, the DVD is very exciting news, and i am very much looking forward to those shows. it's just the word "extended" in the phrase 'extended leave of absence' that makes me a little nervous. but i still hope (and will continue to hope) that s2r does once again come together post-june 28/29 for more noise-making mayhem, for more reasons that i could possibly think of so early in the morning...that said, thank you for an outstanding and wonderful, albeit somewhat turbulent, 14 years. what all members of the tree of life have contributed to is commendable and admirable, and it could not have been any other way. see you, jd

What the ####?! Posted by Dan The Fan on 4/11/2003, 7:36 pm Okay I am going to post a reason you guys should not break up everyday until the shows on the 28 / 29 in PROTEST! I understand that to play just to perform old songs over and over like a jukebox is pointless. However, you guys are the most innovative creative human beings in this city, maybe the country. If you tell me there is NO new music left in Season to Risk then there is no hope for the rest of us out here. I just can't believe that! You guys, whether you choose to believe it or not are THE pillar of our musical community. Sure, we have alot of good bands in KC, but none of them have the talent, charisma,individuality or strength that you do. The mere thought of you guys breaking up, for me is inconceivable. This is insane.

Reason 1 Posted by Dan The Fan on 4/11/2003, 7:37 pm I will look like even MORE of an asshole having this ####ing tattoo.What in the bloody #### is your ####ing problem guys?

Posted by John Bersuch on 7/1/2003, 1:13 pm When I saw you back with your powerhouse drummer at the Hurricane, one question kept running through my head again and again. Why is the best ####ing band in Kansas City stopping? What kind of idiotic retarded shit is that. You guys are way too good to quit. I like Overstep, Dirtnap, and Unknown Pleasures, but come on dude, this band should not stop. Well I don't know, you have your reasons I guess, but damn, it was good this weekend, damn good. I had almost forgotten how badass it used to be until I saw it with this line up again.

Posted by Craig-KITA on 7/2/2003, 10:09 pm I recently saw the finale of one of my all time favorite bands and great friends. RIP S2R...you will be missed ..S2R RAWKS!

Posted by Juliesigns on 6/30/2003, 12:59 am Thanks for the ROCKIN shows boys...this weekend and the many years past. S2R will be deeply missed!!!que¿

holychrist almighty! Season to Risk/Cease to Exist/Sweet LLama's Kiss Posted by Everybody's X on 6/30/2003, 5:11 pm Oh the Brutality! I just woke up from the pummeling I received last night. Thank God I caught that show and I hope it isnt truly the last. No offense to Messrs Metcalf,Gerkin,or Poopsie but DVIVID is the ####in man, it was nice to see him beating the shit out of the drums after several years (at least since I saw him last)He needs to write a book about building your stamina because I don't know how he does it. Metcalf looks like he's riding a tank over a cliff and isn't sure if HE'S the one driving or not. (I meant that in a good way of course) thanks to S2R for years making me feel like if I ever thought I was heavy or passionate or cool or psychotic or even remotely in the same league that I was terribly wrong. Take a bow boys, take a bow

seasonal rash/reason to fist/bees in my piss Posted by mike w. on 6/30/2003, 5:20 pm, in reply to "Season to Risk/Cease to Exist/Sweet LLama's Kiss" it goes on and on. #### what a band. thanks yall

S2R Posted by gooch on 6/30/2003, 6:32 am season to risk was awesome this weekend..great show good to see all the boys back together again

Re: S2R Posted by MF on 6/30/2003, 7:37 am, in reply to "S2R" Fukking Christ. Pummelling. Sooooo amazing.

Re: S2R - Posted by maygun on 6/30/2003, 4:33 pm, in reply to "S2R" i feel like a silly girly little fool (which is good, 'cause i mostly am)...when s2r played out a lot in the mid 90's i was just getting into local music and was nonplussed by rocknroll boys'cause i wanted bikini kill and kim gordon. so i ignored them and waited for frogpond to play (not that they were like bk or kim, but they were girls, you know what i mean). i was 14 and have since then forgiven myself for not keeping an open mind, among other things. and to know steve and billy and the rest and to see them up there not simply as the local music stalwarts they are (yes, i called you stalwarts)was truly awe-inspiring. i was done proud and i regret i was not able to appreciate them earlier in the game.. my bad.. maygun

Posted by Tom Pugh* on 7/1/2003, 1:10 pm thanks for Saturday night, it was loud and beautiful! I'm still going over it in my mind, it was a very memorable show. Wish I could've seen Sunday's show, too... I appreciate all the work you guys have done over the years to create that music and to do things your own way. *commander steve nelson

Season To Risk - Posted by Josh/Third World Sin I was watching the Metal channel (510 on Time Warner digital cable) and "Bloodugly" by season to risk was on. It was nice to see a local band on there.

a comment about S2R's finale - Posted by brendon on 7/1/2003, 12:19 pm Thanks S2R for an incredible show and some great memories over the years. You guys were the first KC band I ever heard. Kind of embarrassed to say, but I used to subscribe to RIP magazine when I was in Atwood, and your perfect review in there was the start of a great musical awakening for me (RIP couldn't have been all bad just based off of that review alone). Great turnout for a Sunday, and an even better wall of sonic destruction. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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